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Unfortunately, the majority of the time the romance between the Bachelor and final contestant is short-lived, however, every once in a while true love strikes. Like most former Bachelors, Mesnick actually started as a contestant on Deanna Pappas’ season of episode Jason revealed that he no longer had feelings for Melissa and was hopeful that Molly Malaney would be willing to give him a second chance.This article is focused on catching up with popular past Bachelors and the women that they asked to marry them. Molly decided to give Jason another shot and were wed on February 27, 2010. Makes a hell of a lot more sense in this context, rather that the spliced together version we saw. Well, not really but in case you missed it, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green have decided to separate after 11 years together, 5 of which were as a married couple. And I’m sure David can look past Donna’s bizarre infatuation with Noah, the drifter drunk who somehow lasted a few seasons on that show as her boyfriend. This was from after last Sunday’s episode and they had Michael G. The most interesting stuff was in the first 5 minutes when Michael was talking about what Clare was really referring to when she walked out of the rose ceremony.Harrison seemed to be particularly disappointed that Vienna ran to a magazine to tell her side of the story instead of waiting until ABC could cash in on the debacle."Either way, our relationship has been public," Vienna said, as the finger-pointing hit full swing.STORY: ' Bachelor Pad's' Chris Harrison on Season 2: ' It May Be the Best TV We've Produced' Pavelka appeared to be the one voted off the show Monday night, ending his shot at the money -- along with what appeared to be a budding relationship with fellow contestant Erica Rose.However, some viewers were left confused as to the final vote because of the show's out-of-character abrupt ending, cutting to black as soon as host Chris Harrison read the final name of the person who would be staying on for at least one more week and also forgoing the usual limo ride for the ousted contestant and previews for the upcoming week.

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Are they paid extra to do it, or is it because they are still under contract and ABC thinks viewers are interested in them? Comment: They are definitely paid to do it or no one in their right mind would ever agree to something like that.

"I don't want Jake here either; I’m just trying to be nice and cordial," she said amid tears as she threw a cushion at Kahl in anger.

And -- SPOILER ALERT -- it seems that the duo finally got their wish.

I know Donna is over David banging Ariel in the limo while leaving the condom wrapper on the floor. Lets make this happen, lets invite the whole gang to the wedding, and David and Donna can finally give us the real wedding we’ve wanted. I’ve never watched it from beginning to end but I’m aware of it and will occasionally watch clips.

1) Megan Fox is now single (and totally in my league) and 2) This paves the way for David and Donna to finally get married for real. No, I’m talking about David Silver proposing to Donna Martin and makin’ this bitch official. Seriously, you really think Donna would choose Dean over David Silver and his rayon shirts and bad rapping? Afterbuzz is an online show that talks about the “Bachelor” every episode.