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Many people, of course, were both repelled and compelled by viral tales of men exposing themselves to the world at large.

But while many think Chatroulette is no more than a place for random men to get their jollies, a growing number of creative people are finding emergent ways to use the service to express themselves artistically, to entertain big crowds, to play in-the-moment games with strangers, and much more, all within the constraints of a service where you might lose your audience in a second.

I'm not interested in what you do at charity events and I'm not paying you 5 for artwork when I already paid you for the artwork last year.

Diese Chatsite bietet Dir mit über Viertausend freien Chat-Rooms eine große Auswahl an frei zugänglichen und kostenlosen Chats aus Deutschland und aller Welt.

"One of the most interesting ways people [are using Chatroulette] is doing these artistic creations," said Sarita Yardi, a doctoral candidate at Georgia Tech who has spent a lot of time researching the site.

"It gives people access to one of the most limited resources of all, which is people's time and attention.

I estimate this would take three hours at seventy five dollars per hour.

Ternovskiy also writes that the site has tried to use image-recognition technology and other methods of automated analysis to flag naked offenders. N., Chatroulette will be able to flourish again as it did "before it was discovered by a strange people, who started to abuse the true freedom and democratic nature of the service," he writes. "I hope that someday our service will become a beautiful video world, an internet country with no borders and locations," he writes.But here, you have an instant audience." Serenading with a piano If you haven't seen it by now, you're pretty much guaranteed to be charmed by a simple You Tube video of a man playing a piano on Chatroulette.It sounds implausible, but the video (see below)--and a previous, yanked version--got millions of views because the man, called Merton, is absolutely wonderful as he sees someone show up on Chatroulette and instantly begins singing a song about them, based only on what sees on his screen.We chatted with Pratt students in Bed-Stuy, with a man inexplicably sitting on his toilet, with a kid waving a gun and a knife, and with a guy who went to my wife’s old high school in California...We danced with a guy in his bedroom to the entirety of Michael Jackson’s 'Don’t Stop ’Til You Get Enough.'" Yikes.It's the brainchild of 17-year old Moscow resident Andrey Ternovskiy, a Skype addict who created it with "no business goals" in mind.