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Eugene Meyer purchased The Washington Post in 1933 when it was in bankruptcy.

Katharine Meyer began working for the Post five years later. He was a Supreme Court clerk working for Felix Frankfurter, and was a graduate of Harvard Law School.

Her mother, Agnes Ernst Meyer, was an educator and her father, Eugene Meyer, was a publisher. She studied at The Madeira School, then Vassar College.

She finished up her study at the University of Chicago.

That’s more of a knock on the shifting biases of mainstream audiences than it is on the ample cornball charms of Ami Canaan Mann’s third feature, which casts Heigl as a hard-up single mother and former country star who’s brought out of her shell by dreamy, drifting busker Ben Barnes.

Mellow, digestibly sweet and embellished with lovely folk tunes, this modest bit of Americana reveals pleasing new sides of both leads, and merits a carefully targeted release from a nurturing distributor.

But happily, Jackie & Ryan is 100 per cent lacking in all three.

Katherine Graham later reflected on being troubled that her father had given his son-in-law, and not his daughter, control of the paper.Finding a Katherine Heigl movie at the Venice Film Festival is not unlike spotting a finger in a box of cornflakes: your first reaction is horrified shock, then concern for quality control procedures, but later curiosity kicks in, and you start to wonder how on earth it got there and if anyone died as a result.Those au fait with the Heigl oeuvre – battery-farmed romantic comedies like New Year’s Eve, Killers and The Ugly Truth – will naturally expect spilled cocktails and high-heeled pratfalls, all set to kooky tango music.We don’t really know the secret to this Mayer’s game, but he has sure landed a few famous catches.Maybe it’s his scruffy good looks, his soothing melodies, or his goofy boyish charm.became known for its hard-hitting investigations, including the publication of the secret Pentagon Papers against the advice of lawyers and against government directives, followed by the Woodward and Bernstein investigation of the Watergate scandal.