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Mandating hpv vaccination what are the arguments Sex perryton

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In one sense, this reluctance seems understandable.

Merck is the same company that made headlines in 2004 for failing to disclose that its painkiller Vioxx raised the risk of cardiac arrest and stroke in patients.

While 90 percent of all HPV infections, including the cancer-causing strains, will resolve on their own without treatment, the HPV infections that do not resolve can become a serious health risk.

This is why the HPV vaccine, which aims to prevent HPV infection, is so important.

Worldwide, about 500,000 cervical cancers annually and about 100,000 cancers at other sites, including vulva and vagina, anus, penis, and oropharynx, are attributable to genital tract HPV [1].

HPV 6 and HPV 11 account for over 90 percent of genital warts, which are very common, with millions of cases annually worldwide, and for nearly 100 percent of a rare disease, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis of juvenile or adult onset. Cervarix, from Glaxo Smith Kline, is a bivalent vaccine designed to prevent infections with the oncogenic HPV types 16 and 18 [3].

HPV 16 and HPV 18 are responsible for about 70 percent of invasive cervical cancers and for a larger majority of the HPV-related cancers at other sites [1,2].

America declared a "war on cancer" 30 years ago, and yet few cures or vaccines have been discovered since. Rick Perry signed an executive order that would have made Texas the first state to mandate the vaccination of schoolgirls against HPV, the sexually transmitted virus that is a frequent cause of cervical cancer. The Texas Legislature expressed its deep reservations about the vaccine, and the media reported that Perry had received a campaign contribution from Merck prior to signing the order.

So when Merck announced that it had a created a drug that could prevent some 70 percent of cervical cancers from developing, you would think Americans would rejoice. Ultimately, the order was vetoed by the legislature.

Last year, when he was asked whether the order had been a mistake, he answered, "No, Sir." "That issue was about being pro-life," Perry insisted.

"I'm about pro-life." Last month, kicking off his presidential campaign, Perry finally conceded that he should have engaged Texans on the HPV question instead of imposing his will unilaterally.